Free-Range Poultry Production and Marketing Manual

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Free-Range Poultry Production and Marketing, Revised: The Guide to Raising, Processing and Marketing Premium Quality Chicken, Turkey and Eggs by Herman Beck-Chenoweth.

Free-range poultry production offers today's small farmer a chance to:

  • Make a reasonable living from the land
  • Treat animals with respect
  • Improve the soil
  • Provide a wholesome product to the consumer.

Complete how-to manual includes:

  • Construction plans and call-outs
  • Feed formulas
  • Slaughter information
  • Marketing solutions, including sample marketing tools.

While this book is useful by itself the companion DVD (available here by itself or in combination with this book) contains valuable additional information.

  • Comb binding
  • 101 8.5" x 11" pages,
  • Covers the production of chickens and turkeys.
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